Club Fees

Ashford Town Swimming Club fees are amongst the lowest in Kent as we aim to be as inclusive as possible.

Annual membership

Our Annual Membership fee covers Swim England Registration/Insurance and SER Registration fees. ALL swimmers must pay the appropriate fees.

Our 2019 fees are as follows.

Learn to Swim£20.00
Development/Technique (Sunday 16:00 - 17:00)£20.00
Masters (Non-Competitive other than East Invicta Masters)£20.00
Early Squad£40.00
Late Squad£40.00
Masters (Competitive)£40.00

The deadline for payment is strictly 28 February. Those who have not paid by the deadline will be barred from entering the water from that date forth until the fees are paid because you will not be insured.

Swim England membership categories

There are three different Swim England membership category types.

Category 1Non-competitive, generally those under 9 years
Category 2Competitive member
Category 3Committee members, officials and helpers of the club

Monthly fees

Sunday Academy£4.00 Per week
Pay as you swim
Learn to Swim (Stages 1 & 2 Only) - 1 session per week£22.50
Learn to Swim - 2 sessions per week£34.00
Development Squad£40.00
Junior Squad£44.00
Competition Squad£55.00
Performance Squad£60.00
Senior Squad£48.00

The club will apply a discount for families who have more than one child, in the SQUADS only.

Oldest ChildNo discount - full monthly fee
2nd Child5% discount
3rd Child10% discount

Swimming fees are payable monthly by standing order at the beginning of each month.

Fees are payable in full irrespective of whether the swimmer attends every session or not.

The club closes annually for two weeks in August during which time there will be no training or swimming lessons. The ‘Learn to Swim’ groups will also stop for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.

No refunds of subscriptions will made for these, as it is taken into account in the calculation of the total annual subscription.

Payment of fees upon joining

The membership and Swim England registration fees together with the first month’s swimming fees must be paid by cheque immediately upon joining the club.

A standing order must be set up for the monthly fees before the second months fees are due.

Any standing orders not set up by the third month after joining will result in the swimmer being removed from the list of members and not being permitted to swim.

Alteration to standing order amount upon change of squad

Please make sure you continue to pay the correct amount, especially upon changing squads. Please note that the club will require you to pay any back-dated amounts owing should you fail to amend your standing order on time.

Non-payment of fees

Failure to pay the appropriate fees on time will result in the swimmer being removed from the list of members and not being permitted to swim.

The club is a non-profit making organisation so prompt payment of fees is essential to keep the club afloat!

Collecting fees can be difficult and time-consuming so please help by paying these amounts as soon as you receive a request to do so.

Remember that the person asking you is going to be an unpaid volunteer, giving up their own time for the benefit of the club.

If you have a query please contact the Committee rather than waiting until you are approached to find out why you haven’t paid.