Club Kit

The following kit can be ordered from the ATSC Swim Club Manager portal.

Only online payment is available:

  • ATSC Hats: £5.00
  • ATSC Shirts: £13.00
  • ATSC Hoodie (Child):£18.00
  • ATSC Hoodie (Adult): £20.00

Swimwear and training equipment

ProSwimwear is Europe’s largest store for competitive swimwear and training equipment for serious swimmers!

Ashford Town have an arrangement with ProSwimwear who stock a larger range of competitive swimming equipment.

Buying through the club portal will earn commission for the club.

Please remember to always to use this portal or your purchases will not earn any commission for us!

Simply Swim are located just outside Faversham. They stock a huge range of swimwear and equipment. The club have a discount code which can be used in store and also online. Please login to the Members Area where this can be found.