Disqualification Codes

It is obviously really disappointing for the swimmers, coaches and parents when a swimmer is disqualified during a competition. However, it would be much worse if they did not learn from mistakes early in their swimming career and then got disqualified in a County or Regional event.

It is therefore really important that the swimmers understand what they have been DQ’d for and learn from the experience.

The disqualification code used in results represents the best effort of the person encoding the infraction reported by the judge or other official.

Sometimes this requires the use of a code which doesn’t exactly match the infraction, but has been chosen as being in some sense ‘near’.

Please note officials only disqualify swimmers when they are certain there is a rule infringement, if there is any doubt then generally the swimmer will not be disqualified.

Other codes

  • DNC: Did Not Compete
  • DNS: Did Not Start
  • DNF: Did Not Finish
Please select the codes below for full details.

SSSQ : Sports Systems Software codes

FINA :   Codes from the Federation International de Natation. These codes are used in many open competitions.