Long Term Athlete Development

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a sports development framework based on human growth and development.

Scientific research has concluded that it takes 8 to12 years of training for a talented athlete to reach elite levels. This is called the 10 year or 10,000 hour rule.

To learn more about Swim England’s view on how children should be coached, please read the attached documents.

Specifically, it talks about how much training and competing each child should do as they develop – it is all about getting the right balance.

There are five stages, which can be used to describe growth and development, and these equate to the five stages of the LTAD framework for swimming.

• FUNdamentals – Childhood
• SwimSkills – Late Childhood
• Training to Train – Adolescence
• Training to Compete – Early Adulthood
• Training to Win – Adulthood

We want to ensure that our swimmers are given the best chance to reach their full potential and that they enjoy swimming and get as much out of the sport as possible.

It is a concept to which our club fully subscribes