Galas and Open Meet Information

Where do I find my Swim England Number?

To participate in competitive events all swimmers must be registered with Swim England and be a member of a Swim England affiliated competitive club.

The category of registration within Swim England depends on the swimmer’s intentions. For example you must be a full member to swim in Open Meets and County events.

You will need your Swim England number each time you enter a race. If you do not know what it is, don’t worry as you can look it up on the Swim England website. Just enter in your family name to locate your number.

Team Gala Entry

  • The Team Manager and Coaches will enter the best available team.
  • An email will be sent by the Team Manager to determine swimmers’ availability. Please respond promptly, and also ensure that we have your most up to date contact details.
  • A full team will consist of both boys and girls of all age groups.
  • All swimmers are expected to swim if they are asked.
  • Swimmers will be expected to swim in both individual and team events.
  • The number of swims a swimmer gets will vary; you may only get to swim relays, but will have a minimum of two swims.
  • Changes can and will be made by the Team Manager right up to the last minute.
  • There are no individual prizes.
  • Please see the guidelines for further information on what is expected.

Individual Meet Entry

  • Details of targeted Open Meets will be available on the website and also at the Club Desk on Tuesdays. An email will also be sent to the appropriate squads with closing date deadlines in advance. Please check this date to ensure that you do not leave it too late to enter.
  • Any  information  you  will  require  regarding  the  venue  and  timings  will  be  in  the entry conditions that will be emailed to you either at the time of entry or later as more details are produced by the hosting club.
  • All entries by individuals are collated and sent to the hosting club as one entry. You must not go round this process and enter directly as this presents problems both for refunds, if applicable, and safeguarding issues as the Coaches and Team Managers will not be expecting you poolside if you have not entered through the club.
  • Swimmers need to complete the ATSC Generic Meet Entry Form and pay the required entry fee. Please make cheques payable to Ashford Town Swimming Club.
  • Read the entry conditions, paying particular attention to the ‘age as of date’. Many meets now specify an entry age as at the end of the year. Do not be surprised if you are swimming in an age group you have not yet reached.
  • Please speak to your Coach if you are unsure of your eligibility and/or what events you should be entering. Take a copy of the event programme marked with swims you qualify for and they will advise what is best for you.
  • It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure that they meet the entry criteria for the meet. As we collate all individual entries this will also give us a ‘double-check’.
  • Once the entries have been processed and sent to the hosting club no changes can be made (unless input mistakes have been made). Refunds for withdrawals are not given unless a doctor’s certificate is produced.
  • Different meets have different entry requirements. Generally, Level 1 and Level 2 meets only allow you to enter times recorded on the Swim England Rankings. The Swim England Best Individual Times  database can be used to aid you to complete the entry form correctly. No recorded times may NOT be entered and will be rejected by the hosting club. For these competitions, swimmers must have bettered the consideration time within the last year.
  • To enter a lower level (Level 3 and 4) meet swimmers must NOT have swum faster than the consideration time. If they do so then they may be given a speeding ticket and will not be eligible for a medal. You may be able to enter time trial times or even no recorded time (N/T). Please ensure you look at the instructions emailed to you with the entry forms.
  • Each event will be divided into heats. The winner is decided either on times (Heat Declared Winner) or a final when the fastest 6 or 8 competitors will swim off for places. Medals are usually awarded at these events, for either the Top 6 or 8 swimmers.
  • Please see the guidelines for further information on what is expected.

Quick Guide: Gala Do’s and Don’ts…

Do have a minimum of 2 pairs of goggles

Do have minimum of 2 costumes

Do warm up and swim down properly

Do follow the nutrition guidelines

Do keep warm after your swim

Do hydrate all the time

Do be aware of your swim times

Do keep your equipment with you and safe

Do listen to advice given by your Coach

Do rest in between your races

Don’t leave poolside (you may miss your race)

Don’t over eat or eat wrong foods

Don’t mess around on poolside as injuries could happen

Don’t sit around in your skins all day